How to use the method "app.dataTable.create() "?

I still don’t know the usage of the document, and I haven’t found any examples. Please help me, thanks

<div class="data-table">
  el: '.data-table',

Why do you need it? Usually “data-table-init” class on data-table will enough

Thanks for your reply. I may have some misunderstood, and what I want to do is put the back-end datas in the table throuth the ajax. Like the datatables(jQuery plug-in) do, does framework7 have have a similar method?

No, it doesn’t. This method just init some events handling for data table. As for automatically fill the table with data, no it is not supported

Hi Vladimir, I needed the same as @shadowlight, fill the datatable with ajax data. And when I create dinamically the row to append to tbody it brokes.
Maybe could be a feature for next releases?