How to use the skeleton component as an indicator before page is ready to be transitioned to DOM

I want to be able to load skeleton-vue component on page-init before actual page is transitioned into DOM.
Like in traditional jQueryAjax functionality,
url: url,
data: data,

succes: function(resp){

beforeSend: function(){
// show loading indicator until response is returned

// In my case i will like to implement the skeleton component here before the page or resource is ready to be rendered.

Reason: I don’t want my app visitors to see blank screen until the entire DOM content is fully loaded before rendering it to view.

F7 aleaready have skeleton
you can use v-if for display skelet

<div class="skeleton-text skeleton-effect-blink" v-if="!loaded"></div>
<div v-else></div>

succes: function(resp){
this.loaded = true;