How to use vi (Video Intelligence) in Framework 7 Vue ^v3


I’m trying to setup Video Intelligence (vi) and I get vi SDK not found

I added vi Placement ID in the f7params in app.vue

return {
    f7params: {
      id: '',
      name: 'Test App',
      theme: 'auto',
      routes: routes,
      vi: {
        placementId: 'olttYvUGS44DDnSkClH'

Then in another page:

mounted() {
  this.$f7ready(() => {
    this.preloadedAd = this.$;

this.$ returns:

createAd  :ƒ createAd(adParams)
loadSdk   :ƒ loadSdk()

Any ideas why sdkReady is false ?

edit: seems like the ads js file doesn’t load

Is it a cordova app or web app? In case of cordova app, make sure you have whitelisted vi’s services in config.xml, e.g.

<access origin="*" />
<allow-navigation href="*" />