How to validate SmartSelect, Radio and Checboxes in [framework7]

Hello there.

We’re having issues with validation on checkboxes, smart selects and radio fields in framework 7 v3

There is only validation examples for text inputs (url, email) link to the docs

We tried the same approach from the text inputs in the checkbox and radio like the docs but it didn’t work

Here’s how we tried:

<input type="checkbox" placeholder="http..." required validate>

We are not getting the browser blocking from submitting when we place required and validate on the fields

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This is all HTML5 functionality, not sure if you have anything in your code preventing it but here is a quick test.

Just on that alone works fine, can we get code snippet?


Well you’re right. We might have something preventing it from submition.

We are gonna write a function and attach it to the onsubmit event like you did.

Thanks for now.

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Sounds good if it works, please mark thread solved