How to work with modals?


I am using pure F7 1.6 and I am having problems to get modals working. This goes for preloader and also simple .alert/.confirm.

From documentation and examples I found that people are using two different ways to “call”:

myApp.alert(“text”) vs myApp.dialog.alert(“text”)

and for preloader:

myApp.showPreloader() vs

Problem is no matter which one I use the dialog won’t show and its not working. frustrating… documentation for F7 is no help now…

dialog.alert and is for v2. If you use v1 the use what documentation page says, it is all for v1

thing is, when I am trying to use for example showPreloader, it doesn’t work. Basically I have login screen and after hitting login button (on click) I am calling myApp.showPreloder(), then I do stuff re auth and other necessary things (switch view at the end just before… ) and then I call myApp.hidePreloader().

Are there any “keyword” like classes or id in < div > I shouldn’t use in my app?

looks like preloader issue is related to issue:1643

will test it today. This doesn’t solve problem wit modals not showing at all. JS code will run without problem “through” the call (myApp.alert(“text”)) but no alert is shown…

You probably have some errors in JS if event default alert() doesn’t work. Check the browser console

well, will be fun to find as it’s a cordova app… and everything else works, just not preloader and modals…

I have same issue. Im using framework 1.6 version or latest version 1 (dont know the exact number) the point is, i have no errors on the js console whatsoever and like the issue here, the modals, prompts, alerts, event the simple ones just wont show. Any help?

sorry for late answer here, but in my case I found out problem was bootstrap included in project. removing bootstrap - all is working like a charm…

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Yes, that was the problem actually.