How working vite

Good day @nolimits4web. I don’t understand how working with vite.

Simple template with cli after building (npm run build).


And what should I see/know about your empty screenshot, should I guess what is it and how do you launch/access it?

Thank you for your quick response. After executing the run build script, I’m trying to open index.html in the browser. I get a blank screen. The application works fine in the development process. The problem occurs after the build process. In chrome, I see the div " App " empty
console in chrome:

with webpack old version after compile working.
its problems with configuration vite ? Help Please. I like working with Framework7.
P.S. Are there any UI plans for React Native? I am sure that you can create a great tool for native development…

posted on hosting and tried to access

Vite uses ES modules in browser. App can’t be opened from file:// protocol, only on server. When you post it on server, make sure the paths for scripts are correct

yes now it works. Thanks.

Please tell me what am I doing wrong with fonts? problems on server only. on cordova fonts working.