How works openIn in router?

anyone knows how the option “openIn” in router works?
When I use it the view is blank and no page is created


I think you use it with React/Vue/Svelte? It is currently not supported, only with core components/framework7

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Yep, I am using it with Vue.

It’s possible (in Vue), only not with the openIn syntax in your router.js

See the kitchensink source:

 // Routable Modals
    path: '/routable-modals/',
    component: RoutableModals,
    routes: [
        path: 'popup/',
        popup: {
          component: RoutablePopup,

And in your RoutablePopup.vue

      <f7-navbar title="Routable Popup">
          <f7-link popup-close>Close</f7-link>
      <f7-block >
        <p>This Popup was loaded using route link as standalone component</p>