I don't know what can I call this problem is?

Everytime, when the first time I open my website, i got this problem

When I refresh my page, that problem is not happen again.

Looks like issue somewhere in routes

May be it’s because I used too many navigate in routes?
What should I use but navigate?

Where do you use navigate? If you use within page events, then it must be only in pageAfterIn callback. Also i see you have some calls to redirect method. Do you have it?

I use navigate in pageInit,
and yes, I use redirect: '/' instead of using url: './pages/404.html'

Then apparently it can’t find “/“ route and you have infinite loop? Do you have such route in routes? Do you use pushState?

I figure it out, by remove redirect: '/' then use url: '/'
Can I ask you this Vladimir ? When using url, content, template, templateUrl, component or componentUrl, what is different in each one of them?


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