I have some Question about "Native Scrolling"

At the introduce of Framework7 Page,I saw that Framework7 have “Native Scroll”.So i guess it maybe mean the Framework7’s scroll model is very efficient.

But I don’t find anything about scroll in Framework7 is efficient. Does it mean the “Infinite Scroll”? I think it just a normal model…So is my understand is wrong?Can anyone tell me where is the “Native Scrolling”…?And why it can be called “Native Scrolling”,which point is mean “Native”
Think you very much…

Native means that scrolling handled by default OS Webview engine. Means that there is no some JS library that doing scrolling like https://github.com/cubiq/iscroll or something similar.

First , Thank for you answer.
Can I understand,if I want to use the “Native Scroll”,I just use the < li >? Then “WebView” of IOS will help me to make efficient Scroll…?Or I need use which models make “WebView engine” know I need the native scroll

Don’t think about native scrolling at all, just know it is there. It should be enough)) It is a performance/implementation feature, it shouldn’t be somehow specially handled in any way