I want add multi language in my application

I want add multi language in my application
please help me to Make this

Library: https://github.com/roddeh/i18njs
in template: {{t 'word'}}
in app.js:

Template7.registerHelper('t', function (text, options) {
    return this.$app.methods.translate(text);

in app methods:

translate: function (text) {

            //you logic

in router component:

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Hello guys,can you post an example how i can use this code for my app;; i have a logic when clicked a Button ,i want to change the language to all pages . Thank you

What exactly is the problem?

in app.js

Template7.registerHelper(‘t’, function (val) {
return this.$app.methods.translate(text);

methods: {
helloWorld: function () {
app.dialog.alert(‘Hello World!’);
translate: function (text) {

  return "test";


and i have this error all time : Error: Template7: Missing helper: “t”

Then i want to ask you if i could refresh all pages when i clicked to change language …

add helper name to template7-helpers-list.js

use Event Bus https://framework7.io/docs/events.html#events-bus

i have the same problem again

need restart “npm start”

app compiled successfuly but when i use {{t ‘word’}} in template i have js error

Can anyone help me with ,and send me a sample from multi language app , and show me the way ?
Thank you :smiley:

How does the work in framework7 core, and how can i set the language?

I keep getting in App.js

0:9993 Uncaught (in promise) Error: TypeError: this.$app.methods.translate is not a function
    at 0:9993