I want to set multiple date color in calendar view. Not able set event colors. How to do?

Unable to set event colors in calendar view.

It is covered in documentation http://framework7.io/docs/calendar.html#calendar-parameters

Столкнулся тоже со странностью, выводил даты в событиях так

date: 2018-04-11,
color: '#2196f3',}

в abroide как не странно показывает цвета в календаре, на iphone нет
потом конвертировал

    date: new Date(2018, 4, 11),
    color: '#2196f3',

и в androide и iphone календарь одинаково заработал.

Это не стандартный формат даты, он не везде поддерживается, в том числе не поддерживается на iOS

I want to set a background color of a date. The whole circle color will be filled not only the date text color. Like when we press to a particular date and by default its background color changes to yellow and text color white.

It is not clear what you are trying to achieve, screenshots and code examples of what have you tried can be helpful

I want to achieve like this. Different color for different dates.
Let from 04-06-2019, 15-06-2019 and 26-04-2019 will be green, 11-06-2019 will be black. Like this other date colors need to be decorated.

How can I achieve the above things in framework 7. Any reference or resolution ?

It has rangesClasses parameter http://framework7.io/docs/calendar.html#rangesclasses where you may set addition css classes to days. And based on these classes, add custom styles to CSS with required background colors

But I don’t want to add range days. I want to add different days.
Like I don’t want to decorate from 17-04-2019 to 25-04-2019. I want 17th, 19th, 20th, 24th etc.

This is exactly what rangesClasses parameter does

Thanks. Can you provide me the css class to make the days circle and colorful.