[Idea] Lazy popup

Is it possible to add a “lazy” property to the popups ?
When true, the content of the popup is rendered (“v-if”) only when the popup is visible (from the start of the open animation to the end of the close animation).

The idea is to reproduce this:

<f7-popup :opened="showOnboardingPopup" @popup:open="onboardingPopupVisible = true" @popup:closed="onboardingPopupVisible = false">
      <f7-view v-if="onboardingPopupVisible" name="onboarding" url="/onboarding/" />

By only doing this:

<f7-popup :opened="showOnboardingPopup" lazy>
      <f7-view name="onboarding" url="/onboarding/" />

Would it be technically possible? If so, what do you think of this idea?

I’m not used to Vue, but in the core version this is already possible using a popup route with a ComponentURL parameter. That component is then loaded by XHR and rendered when the route is called.

  path: '/my-popup',
  popup: {
    componentUrl: 'templates/my-popup.html'

Yes, I use the router method for my popups that are accessed with a click on a link, but I do not really know how to combine this solution with the simplicity of the “state based opening” (:opened="showOnboardingPopup")