If condition in Loop - V6

on page I have code

${mydata.Works.map((Work) => $h`
    ${(Work.isReady === "true") && $h`
            <div class="item-content">
                <div class="item-inner">
                    <div class="item-title-row">

                        <div style="overflow: visible;">
                        <div class="item-after"></div>

${(Work.isReady === “true”) && $h` working like condition but in the same time its writing value Work.isReady

so my question is: what is correct way to write conditions F7v6 ? because classic literal not working :frowning:

${(Work.isReady === "true") ? $h`<li>...</li>` : ``}
${(Work.isReady === "true") ? $h`
` : ``}

where do i find the documentation with these changes?

if i created with cli is necessary these configurations?

no, new CLI creates latest v6 project. If you created it with old CLI (F7 v5 project) then yes

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thanks nolimits4web :slightly_smiling_face: framework7 is amazing