ignoreCache not works

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m using version 6 of Framework7, in routes.js I have:

    path: '/ticket/:ticketId',
    componentUrl: 'desk/ticket/view?id={{ticketId}}',
    options: {
        ignoreCache: true,

However, if I click a link with href="/ticket/${ticket.id}", only first time is loaded with XHR, the following times is loaded from cache (no XHR) :frowning:

In target page I have “messages” component, where I call $update() inside “pull to refresh” component handler before returning to previous page (this mechanism works like a charm).

What am I wrong? Please, help! :frowning:

I tried by setting keepAlive: true, but so if I try to navigate to that page with different :ticketId param, it not loads… I found it now in official documentation:
" * If you have dynamic route path (like /some-page/:foo/:bar) or you rely on page route query (?foo=bar), then query and route params won’t be changed after its initial load."

Solved by creating “store” in my app (documentation at Store | Framework7 Documentation)

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what you mean by creating store?
I also have similar issue. Should be “page” state be updated with a router event?