I'm looking for a Cordova, Framework7-Vue developer (ideally with Wordpress experience)

This is my FIRST Framework7 (side-project).

Where I need some help:

  • a script which consumes the response of an Wordpress REST-API-Call, parses the call and saves the required fields and media to a local database (or localStorage) and/or filesystem, so the app can go offline. Right now I use NativeStorage with a fallback for localStorage, which works fine (except for the media-files, which need to get stored on the filesystem).

  • a login-script to login into a Wordpress backend and (if successful, download some more data and save to local database - same as above).

  • Maybe more, because I’m currently short on time and need a helping hand.

Target: iOS, Android, (maybe Browser (latest 2 major versions) - but that’s not a requirement for now) Budget flexible (within reasonal limits).

I prefer a project price, but if you prefer a hourly rate, I’m open for that too.

I’m good at Javascript and some other languages, but work in a different area in software-development. I’m mostly interested how to create hybrid app using Framework7/Vue. (Xcode and build-system is not a problem/requirement).

Wanted to offer you to post on jobs portal but you already did👍 But you haven’t specified how to contact you there

Hi Vladimir,
thanks for the hint - I didn’t know, which one of the two is the correct one; so I posted into both :slight_smile:
Hopefully there’s someone who can help me out… It seems, when looking for something like this, everybody does Ionic and Angular (which would be ok, but I really want to use F7/Vue for such an app - and this is a good opportunity ;))

I can assist you with the same.
Please get in touch to below shared contact details.

Email: ianradnor088 (at) gmail (dot) com