Image assets problem in ios build

How to set image assets for ios while building instead of manually adding image on image assets???

Didn’t get, what is the issue with?

Maybe @lekhrajshubhu means to add image assets to xcode from cordova’s config.xml?

But this is outside the scope of Framework7

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The problem is, i recently build an app for ios and android, and i published my app on playstore, that not the issue, but when i go for ios app store, that required different images that need to be added like app icons and splash screen images. and i did it manually, so is there any solution to do in easier or faster way ? because i did it manually so it is so tedious work for me…

i mean, this icons and images i add it manually for ios. so is there any better way to do it easily? so that i should not add it manually

Yes there is. The website has some great Photoshop files for a friendly price, which can generate icons for all required sizes in one click. You just drag your original design into a special layer, and when you run the export task or save for web, it generates lots of resolutions at once. As bonus, the download contains a .json file with the correct file mappings, which you can just copy-paste in the .xcassets file with the generated images.

For splash screens, I use SplashScreenPro. This is also a Photoshop template, which generates splashscreen files for iOS and Android in all sizes you need.

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Also, project created Framework7 CLI can autogenerate such assets