Image framework7 cli path

image framework7 cli path

I’m using cli framework v5, and I’m trying to load an image in my page and it doesn’t work, I created the img folder inside src and I call it as follows:

img data-src="…/img/avatar.png"
img data-src="./img/avatar.png"

Why doesn’t it work?

@brolyn, there is no code in your post.

I do now, thank you.

I think you have too many period characters in your file path. Just try using ‘…’ to move back a folder (two dots, not three or not just one)

I have it on two points, it was a mistake to put it here, I’ll correct it:

<img data-src="../img/avatar.png">
<img data-src="./img/avatar.png">

so I got it to show on http://localhost:8080, but when I compile on iOS or Android you don’t see the image

<img src="../static/img/avatar.png">

I created a directory inside static with the image


it’s already solved

<img src="static/img/avatar.png">