Image prevents page from rendering all platforms


I am having trouble rendering an img tag in a routable tab containing a card. It all works until I put the img tag on the page, this stops this particular tab from rendering its fine without it and other tabs render ok. Any ideas? It doesn’t render in a web page and there is no console output?

this my html

  <div class="page" data-name="profiles">
    <div class="navbar">
      <div class="navbar-bg"></div>
      <div class="navbar-inner sliding">
        <div class="title">Profiles</div>
    <div class="page-content">
      <div class="fab fab-right-top color-blue">
        <a href="#">
          <i class="icon f7-icons">plus</i>
        <div class="card">
          <div class="card-content">
          <img src="../static/icons/apple-touch-icon.png" >
    export default () => {
      return $render;

All self-closing tags must be closed! . If you will have not closed self-closing tags like <br> , <img src=""> , <input ...> , then compiler will throw an error.


Thank you its this covid lock down, Im going banana’s!!!