Images in photobrowser is blurry when zoomed in on?

Loading a pdf in the photobrowser works fine, but if I double click it to zoom, then it gets all blurry.
Im loading a normal A4 pdf, so I wonder if there is anything I can do to get it sharp when I zoom in on it?

It would be great to be able to use a multipage pdf and swipe it left and right like the photobrowser :slight_smile:

Vladimir, does your other Swiper support pdf files and zooming? I had a look but didn´t find anything.

I am wondering how did you put PDF in photobrowser? :slight_smile:

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Just with this :slight_smile:

var photoBrowser = app.photoBrowser.create({
photos : [


Ok so I have a demo here

Images and pdf files are blurry when zoom in on them on the iPad but images are sharp on the computer.

In the demo the first is a pdf file and then there are 3 images and the rest are pdf files.
The smallest image is 1536x2172px, double the iPad.
But when I zoom in on one image it becomes very blurry? Why is that?

This is one of the images, if you look in the browser it is sharp.

I really need to get so it is sharp when zoomed in on a image, so any input really appreciated.
I realised that pdf will not work, since it is not displayed in an Android the same way as the iPhone.
So I need it to work with just images.
Thanks a lot Vladimir.

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Hello, DEV!

Can I give you a tip? Use a Cordova plugin to display this PDF, so you’d make your app lighter.

Add the plugin to the project
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

Example syntax for pdf. ('', '_blank', 'location = yes')

See more on the Cordova.

Sorry for my bad english!

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Thanks, JhowJhoe. I am using the inappbrowser as well, but for this I need to use the photobrowser :slight_smile:

Vladimir. Any ideas why the images are blurry when zoomed in on?
Thanks a lot!

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Hi. Just test your demo link. And images look nice when I double tap on them

Hi pvtallulah. If you look at the text in the image number 10 and 6, is one better than the other? Both are bigger then the rest of the images, and should be more sharp. (the number 10 should be the best sharpness on the text, is it?) Thanks

The problem is in the transform(("translate3d(0,0,0) ... method of Zoom class in the framework7.js. If you change it to transform(("translate(0,0)... , images will become sharp on iOS.

alfahelper, thank you soooo much :slight_smile:

pvtallulah, I see that you have an android. Could you please look now and see if the first 6 is showing up?
They are pdf files and on my old samsung s2 they are not showing at all, but I thought that maybe newer models can handle pdf files? So the first 6 are pdfs and the rest is images. Really appreciate you help, thanks.

Hi @Manmade, no, i cannot see the first 6 slides. Tested on my device samsung s8+.

Thanks a lot, just what I thought.