【Images Lazy Load】seem like can‘t work

I use the model 【Images Lazy Load】,Then I wait 10 minute,but i found the image can‘t load successful,i dont know why,the code like:

I need someone help ,Thank You

I don’t see js code where you have initiliazed F7…

from doc

<script type="text/javascript" src="../dist/js/framework7.min.js"></script>
<script>var myApp = new Framework7();</script>

oh thank you! the code is my copy form the web:http://docs.framework7.cn/Index/lazy_load.html
But I have try to add the code “var myApp = new Framework7();”,but this seem like also can’t work…

You do init f7 twice. Check that lorempixel is not blocked in your country.

Oh thank you, I change to Init once…I do some try before ,so the code get some disordered.
But now ,it also dont show anything…
And what’s yout mean “lorempixe”,is I can visit the Image…?yes I can visit the image , or I try to use the other picture In my country,it also can’t show,
thank for you help me ,can you give me a demo…?because my code still can’t work .Now the total code is:

the image in code URL is:https://vi2.6rooms.com/live/2017/10/27/18/1013v1509101348541897336.jpg

Working code here http://framework7.io/docs/lazy-load.html

Check the correct app layout at http://framework7.io/docs/get-started.html. You must also have View -> Pages -> Page, etc

okok,thank you ,I lose some code<>,now it’s ok

ok ,it’s working now, thank you