Images loading incomplete

I don’t think that the issue I experience is directly related to Framework7, but maybe others have an idea. Last months, we’ve noticed that sometimes images are not fully loaded in our Cordova app on iOS. Images just stop loading halfway. I’ve added a button to refresh a particular page with image, and approx. 1 out of 20 times, images are incomplete.

Strange thing is that if I lookup the image in the web inspector in Safari, it shows up correctly. Headers are exactly the same for correct/incomplete images, so looks like it has something to do with rendering. If I just modify the css width/height of the image in the <img> tag, the image flashes and is displayed correctly immediately.

For example, look at the incomplete QR code below. (it’s not just the QR code, the header image is also broken sometimes)

This app is built on Cordova 4.1.1, using Framework7 v1. (only the F7 styles are used, as I used custom build app logic for this particular app)

Had similar issue in one of my apps too. And didn’t find a reason. What i did, i created a Vue component (it was an F7-Vue app), which under the hood, on image load (on <img>'s load event) removed that image from the DOM and then re-added it again within 0 setTimeout

Also behavior can be different on other devices and iOS versions. Just check, if it happens only on single device then just ignore it :slight_smile:

What is the ending of the path to the picture?

@nolimits4web We’ve seen it on previous versions of iOS as well. It doesn’t happen if we use the same app as webapp, so I think it has something to do with visual rendering within Cordova environment.

@shastox It are regular paths to PNG files on our static image server. We’ve also tried to add ?dummy=1234 strings etc to avoid caching, but the result stays te same.