Images not displaying after build

I’m building an app with Framework7 and Monaca.
My problem is that the images on all the pages other than index.html are not displaying.

This is the code I use to display the images: oraciones

I have all the pages under a folder. The images are under a folder too, but outside the pages folder.

Everything works fine using IDE but after building the app, the images doesn’t show.

Can you please help me figure out what’s going on.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, rafa … i get the same error before … put the images at ‘static’ folder and use “static/[path-to-file]” (without “…/” or “~/”) instead of “…/static/[path-to-folder]”.


when you compile the apk, the ‘static’ folder is located at ‘www’ folder, but, when you test at ‘npm start’ or ‘npm run dev’, the ‘static’ folder is located outside ‘www’

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Thank you very much, nuropa.
It worked!

Best Regards.

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