In iOS it does not show me the points of the events in the calendar

I can not show the points of the events in iOS, I have an application where I use a calendar with events, these events I store them from a getJSON from a URL if I run the application in the chrome browser it marks the points of the events, but if I run The xcode doesn’t show me the points.

var url = 'https://xxxxxx/calendar.php';//SERVER

$$.getJSON(url, { idsucursal:idsucursal }, function(data) {

  var calendarInline = app.calendar({
     container: '#calendar-inline-container',
     value: [new Date()],     
     dayNamesShort: dayNames,
     firstDay: 0,
     weekHeader: false,
     events: (function () {

        var eventos = [];
        for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
              from: new Date('"' + data[i].fecha_visita + '"'),
              to:   new Date('"' + data[i].fecha_visita + '"'), 
        return eventos;


I can suggest that your data[i].fecha_visita contains not standard date string which is not parseable by webkit, it is very picky about it

I tried doing what you told me, and if I emulate in Chrome it marks the events but in iOS it does not mark me, and I try changing the format of the date and neither but if I manually put the dates in events and execute it in xcode it marks the events

but if I do it manually in this way if I mark the events:

     toolbar: true,
     events: [{
        from: new Date(2019,9,11),
        to: new Date(2019,9,21)

new Date(2019, 9, 11) is not the same as new Date('2019, 0, 11'). If you store dates in strings (e.g. JSON), then they should look similar to this: 2019-10-30T16:14:50.468Z