In v5.0.4 Vue :: pageInit(e, page){ page is undefined


After migrating from V4 to V5 in pageinit event I am getting ‘e’ but page is undefined I have also tried
var page = e.detail; but still page is undefined. is it a bug. Because it was working fine in V4.

Thanks in advance.

I am getting the same error for for function (e,popup)

have you found a solution to this issue, mine was working with v4 as well

Please provide the full related code

in my case, the code is as follows

self.$$('.popup').once('popup:opened', function (e, popup) {
      self.$app.views.create(popup.$el.find('.view'), {
        stackPages: true,

This worked perfectly well in v4

when I try to console.log popup, it shows undefined

self.$$('.popup').once('popup:opened', function (e) {
  var popup = self.$app.popup.get(;

Thank you very much, that worked perfectly.