Inbox desktop template/open details router in div

Is there a possibility to implement the below template using framework7



Is it possible? Yes.

Or are you looking for an explanation on how to and what elements to use?

Just a rough view, I’d say you’ll be using 50/50 Framework7 code/styles and custom js/css

Master detail does that.

thanks plague69 for your replay

what I was looking for a solution 100% by framework7 if possible, because I already implemented the code for mobile using virtual list with all the needed actions, so I wanted to use the same implantation but changing the layout.

my question is how to open the details router in the left div? in the mobile the details router will fill the whole screen, keep in mind I can’t use master/details, as details part will be always visible

Thanks for your help

by viewName
or data-view

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