Infinite scroll on top and bottom


have any of you ever implemented the ‘InfiniteScroll’ component for both sides? So once at the top and once at the bottom?

My problem is that the position is defined in the component ‘PageContent’. But there only one position can be defined.

Right now it is not supported. Just wondering what is the real usecase for having it on both sides?

I implement a chat with Framework7-Components.
On the one hand I want to use it for lazy load data in the past and on the other hand for unread messages.
Further more I want to implement a simple virtual list for the messages with dynamic height. My idea is to keep only e.g. 20 messages at once in the virtual list.

So that I can edit the virtual list from both sides, it would help me to have infinite scroll on top an bottom.

I have solved it with an external component. Works very well for my special case. From my side, it is not necessarily to integrate it into Framework7.