Initializing Angular 1 in F7 version 2

i am finding it difficult to initialize angular 1 in framework 7 version 2, there seem not to be a documentation about this nor a starter pack …

this is what i used in version 1

var myApp = {};
var mainView = {};
var $$ = Dom7;

angular.module(“AngularApp”, [])

.run(function() {
myApp = new Framework7({
modalTitle: ‘Framework7’,
material: true,
pushState: true, //set it true. It will enable the hash based navigation
angular: true //set it to true to enable angular binding in Framework pages
mainView = myApp.addView(’.view-main’, {});

Please urgent help is needed

There is no such parameters in v2, refer to this article and official v2 docs

angular doesn’t seem to work in version 2, how can i make it work…

Is angular not compatible with version2 ?