Input picture and crop before upload

hi everybody. please somebody can show me an easy plugin wich i can use in my android app wich help me crop a picture before upload it like this ?

yes. but i dont have patreon account. i just want a tutorial on js plugin to integrate it into my app… please help… or a tutorial on how to integrate npm plugin into framework7 app… i am using framework7 and javascript

It would only cost you about $10 to be a Patron for one month and receive that downloadable package. That $10 may seem like a lot in a world where HTML is ‘free’, but if it saves you many hours of learning the code and troubleshooting the code, perhaps $10 is pretty reasonable.

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npm install croppie


i have already made it… thanks a lot

Great you got it working.

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just load jquery.js into and load croppie.js in in index.html file