iOS 12.2 automatic update of PWA broken?

I have installed the simple PWA template F7 v4.2.2 with CLI including a service worker. However, when I change / update my site, the PWA installed on the desktop of an iPhone 6s doesn’t seems to adapt to the changes.

Does anyone have the same experience or more information about how to achieve automatic updates? Is this caused by the update to iOS 12.2 ?


When you change/update website, do you also update service worker accordingly?

Yes, serviceworker.js and corresponding precache-manifest are updated. In fact I remove the site completely and then I install all files again (including the updates).

So far I found pwas-on-ios-12-2-beta-the-good-the-bad-and-the-not-sure-yet-if-good and whats-new-on-ios-12-2-for-progressive-web-apps both from Maximiliano Firtman but I struggle how to proceed.

If I close the installed PWA and reopen it after 15 minutes (as Maximilliano found out) a reload happens.

This is not an urgent issue but I was reaching out for more information in this forum to understand what is happening and what is possible to overcome this problem (even with a little hack).

Yeah, service-worker and PWA functionality in iOS 12 is very buggy. In one of my client’s app i have totally disabled service worker for iOS. Also check this article it shows how to provide kind of sw reload mechanism

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Thx for the link.

I realised that lack of an immediate reload isn’t problem for me after all.
Lets wait and see how Apple is moving forward on PWA in the (hopefully near) future.