IOS 14 Swipe-Back Problem

There is a big problem started with IOS 14 I think.

When you start swiping back and then give up swiping, its normal at first time.
But when you try to do it again, it is impossible to navigate anymore. See first file:

This behaviour occurs also when you navigate 2 times inner.
When you swipe back first time, it is ok. But when you start swiping second time and give up, same thing occurs and you are not able to navigate anymore.

This is because “transitionEnd” is not triggered, as “allowPageChange” is not turned back to “true”.
By the way, I’m still using last version of but the examples I’ve shared above are captured with latest framework7.

What should I do?

No any comment?
All IOS 14 devices are facing this problem and the application should be killed and started again

Автор прав, на iOS 14 действительно есть проблема.

This should be fixed in 5.7.13

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Hello @nolimits4web;

We saw that the issue fixed in 5.7.13 as you told, great work in a short time.
But as I told, we’re still continue to upgrade our system to v5x. Until we finish it, how can we fix it in 1.7.1?

I will be very grateful for any of your help.


Any news abot the issue?

At least, can you please guide us how can we fix it?

It’s so sad that the support stops like this and developers are left without help

@omer.guvenis please be nice. Vladimir has been one of those people who is constantly helping on this forum, along with others who are doing it just for community support for free. You already got a fantastic framework for free, so be patient. F7 v1 is very old, and best thing for you to do is start upgrading, not all old code can work with new devices. Still, be patient and hopefully someone here can make a patch to fix the issue for you.

Thank you.

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@Irfan_Rehman sorry to misrepresent myself.

I see this great effort and I am very happy about it. I’ll wait for any help…