Ios app black header and footer on all apps

Hi, I have the poblem with my cordova ios apps. I run my apps I have black header and black footer and apps is not full height on apps.

This is everytime on use this apps.

Below screenshots on iphone 6

Any idea?

Сделайте проект с помощью Framework7 CLI и посмотрите разницу, там подготовлена основа для полноценной и правильной работы с Cordova.

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Yes I create full project on F7 CLI and this is app cordova. On Android is everything okej, but on iOS is problem with black header and footer.

Any idea?

Вы хотите сказать, что на iphone6 statusbar опустился вниз?

Noo I say that app reduce on height. I probably to scal reduce on height, but I don’t know why??

This issue on iOS because you haven’t specified correct splash screen for app. If you create app with F7 CLI all should work correctly like for everyone else :wink: