IOS page back transition issue

I’m wondering how i can speed up the transition effect particularly for the “back” operation

Im using a link like
<a href="#" class="link back">

The back transition from a component page has an issue with being just a tad too slow, if users try to page content immediately after going back they get the impression that the UI is frozen (because of the way ios handles this).

It dosen’t happen on android so i believe its the way ios handles items that arent focused. What i need to do is speed up the back transition effect so ios users who try to scroll the page right away don’t get the impression that the page has “locked up”

There is a --f7-page-swipeback-transition-duration CSS property that you can change:

:root {
  --f7-page-swipeback-transition-duration: 200ms;

thank you, we did handle it by doing:

–f7-page-transition-duration: 150ms;

It it made all the page transitions nice and snappy.