[iOS Theme, V2] Statusbar disappears after device rotation

Another design issue, again not sure if it’s my fault or a bug. I’m running my app in Cordova on iOS. When I start in portrait mode, everything looks fine. Also when I rotate to landscape everything’s fine, the statusbar disappears. But when I return to portrait mode, it doesn’t come back. I have a <div class="statusbar"></div> as direct child of <div id="app"> as describes in the docs. Has anyone an idea?

Thanks for Help!

EDIT: This issue also occurs in conjunction with the cordova google admob plugin, the status bar space disappears when the plugin displays an ad. The plugin is resizing the web view if that helps.

Tried today with kitchen sink, same result. Looks bad on normal iOS devices, not usable on iPhone X. Has anyone an idea?

Just saw that the class ‘with-statusbar’ in app root div is removed when rotating to landscape, but it doesn’t come back when rotating back to portrait.

These are actually Cordova/iOS issues. Make sure you are using latest Cordova and cordova-statusbar-plugin. Also, you can force it by setting statusbar.overlay: true app parameter