iOS Translucent Bars and Modals in v5

If you noticed, v5 has iosTranslucentBars and iosTranslucentModals enabled by default. To test this feature in desktop browser you need to:

  • enable device simulation in Chrome
  • set emulated device to some iOS device
  • make sure ios theme is enabled

Just pay attention that backdrop filter performs very slow in desktop Chrome, so your app will highly degrade in performance when this features is enabled in Chrome. But on actual iOS device it should be much better.

Anyway, if even on iOS device you have pretty complex page layout, it still can be a bit slower, so if you have performance issues on iOS devices, consider to disable these features.

Не пойму в чем разница между этими видео:

и этим

второе видео демонстрирует именно Large Transparent Navbar добавлением к нему класса navbar-large-transparent

Ни в чем, в первом акцент (увеличение) сделано на навбар, чтобы обратить внимание на “translucent” эффект

Very awesome and neat feature,
but why it’s not supported on android/windows devices (when using ios theme).
if we manually add the two classes ios-translucent-bars ios-translucent-modals to the the html tag we are able to view the effect, but they are not added automatically even if they are set to true during initialization, could you please clarify the reason ?