iPad Launch Screen

Hoping to find an answer here. I’m making an iPad App - everything is done and great! (seriously framework7 is amazing) i’m just struggling with one final detail…
When my app launches on the device, the default Framework7 launch screen flashes briefly before my actual splash screen - i did the app graphics generation in the cli and i got all of my icons and screens properly, but no matter what, i still see the f7 screen - sometimes even for a microsecond, but sometime longer. i have dug through all the folders and can’t find that image anywhere - i have rebuilt the app 50 times trying various things in xCode… did i miss something?
(i did search the forums for this topic but did not see anything, sorry if it’s a duplicate)

Do you use Cordova/Phonegap, Electron, or whatever?

Do you use a dedicated splash-screen plugin?

Some details please, sir :wink:

sorry about that, it’s a cordova app generated from the framework7 cli - i just used the default framework7 command in the cli to generate the graphics from the ‘assets-src’ folder. the app icons are working great and i do see the splash screen, just immediately after a brief flash of the framework7 default one… hope this helps?

I haven’t done ios, but on Android, when the system cannot find the right-sized splash image for the device/orientation, it displays the default F7 image. But haven’t encountered a brief flashing image as you described.

thanks, i will look into that!

For me it seems like XCode cache. Happened to me couple of times when building from xcode to ios simulator or reald device. Removing the app from device and rebuilding it helped me

thanks! i did try removing the app from the device - no luck. still stuck, doesn’t seem like an image size problem either.

ok - feel pretty dumb now - a restart of the device fixed the problem. i had imagined removing the app would have the same effect, but nope, got to reboot. thanks all for the replies.

yep. cache! restart cleared it thanks!