iPhone Navbar/Status Color not showing - Greyed Out

I have developed the Mobile App using Framework7. I have Launched my 1st Android App Recently. It works really great.

But when I try to Build iOS app, the NavBar/Staus bar always shows Greyed Out.
I have tried different methods but nothing works. Help me to fix. I would like to Launch my 1st iOS app as well.

I have installed plugin cordova-plugin-statusbar

Here is my App.js code for Status Bar

// Cordova Statusbar settings
  statusbar: {
    iosOverlaysWebView: false,
    androidOverlaysWebView: false,
    androidTextColor: 'white',
    androidBackgroundColor: '#3db105',
    iosTextColor: 'white',

Tried this

<preference name="StatusBarBackgroundColor" value="#3db105" />

Also Tried below as well


But Still Navbar/status shows Transparent. but Icons on the nav bar is showing.