iPhone X shows top and bottom white banners

Why does my app show these banners on iphone x?

What am I doing wrong?


Если не поможет, сделайте базовое приложения через Framework7 CLI и посмотрите на разницу.

splashscreen is good!

You have a wrong Cordova setup, it must be splash screen of correct size

thanks for the reply. What can I set it up correctly? which is the setting?

Splash screen image must be correct size, check spec at docs https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-splashscreen

I have these in my confi;

      <splash src="res/screen/ios/[email protected]~universal~anyany.png" />
  <splash src="res/screen/ios/[email protected]~universal~anyany.png" />

and are two images of 2372x2372 … generated by framework7 cli util…

Don’t know what it does not work…

I created a new app with the framework7 cli and it also has the up and bottom white bar!

No, it is correct. The white bar on top is the statusbar

and the bottom one? It seems to be there… there is a lot of space under the navbar.
What am I missing about the splashscreen?

What you see on the bottom toolbar is called safe areas https://medium.com/rosberryapps/ios-safe-area-ca10e919526f

Ok, I am the king of the idiots.

It was my fault… I was styling the navbar with this rule: .toolbar-inner
instead of using: .toolbar.toolbar-bottom

sorry guys and thanks for the help!