Is framework 7 good to build a video heavy app?

This is not a question but some sort of discussion. I’m creating a app which fetches videos from api and displays them to user. My main concern for this app is performance. I feel like in a environment where user will get lots of video(say 10 per page), it will become glitchy or drain battery.Does we have something(either in framework7 or cordova) which would ensure native video playing like that in instagram?

If you don’t mean to download and re-encode a video on the frontend, the <video> tag should be good enough… There’s hardly anything else you can do on the frontend side, when playing back video-links…

You shouldn’t fetch 10 videos at once. You should fetch 10 image thumbnails instead. Only load the one video which the user is going to play. When they’ve finished playing, dispose of the video element and return to the thumbnail.

This seems to be a promising idea. It would also save user’s data. But in case of auto-play videos(like that on instagram or tiktok), i need to download all videos (Maybe lazy loading would work). My main concern is about performance and a smooth user experience. I tried instagram web on my smartphone and it appears laggy when i played video. Since framework7 is also built on html, my real concern is to eliminate this problem. Maybe i should test it on sample project first