Is it possible to create a share action with framework7?

As the title says, is it possible to create a share action with framework7?

I want to create an app that will receive text from a share button from any app and process it to the supposed application I 'd like to make with framework7.

you want to interact between two apps?
app1 call app2 (f7-app)??
if thats the case, i dont know, never done it.

what i did was, share FROM f7-app
i use this plugin, its for social sharing

No interaction of some sort.
Let’s say I am browsing a random site on Firefox and I want to share a URL. The app I want make will obtain the URL from a share action menu item and process it, particularly send it with a POST request to a defined remote server. The app will keep settings like IP user/pass etc.

I’ve used the SocialSharing extension from EddyVerbruggen, which works great and is very flexible. I think you need the “opposite”, to allow your app to present itself in e.g. Safari share menu, so it can receive data from other apps. This is done by a share-extension, for which you can use this plugin:

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Actually I needed such action on an Android app, instead of an iOS one.

I noticed from the readme that the version I posted here is a iOS-only for. This is the original plugin repository, which also supports Android: