Is it possible to run Svelte and Core (Vanilla) Framework7 (V5) pages in the same (Cordova) app?

I would like to use both Core F7 as well as Svelte in the same app, is this possible? The reason is I have a cordova app (F7 version 5) I wrote in Core F7. I want to convert to Svelte, but I don’t want to do it all a once, instead I want to do it over time. So that means the app needs to support both for a while. I suspect his is not possible. I started with a new svelte app I build using the CLI then added this to webpack.config.js, but it didn’t help
test: /.f7.html$/,
use: [
loader: ‘framework7-component-loader’,
options: {
helpersPath: ‘./src/template7-helpers-list.js’,


I realize I can’t run mix Core and Svelte on the same page. I would convert one (complete) page at a time from Core to Svelte. And as I implied in the initial question, I am using webpack.

Yes, it is not possible as F7-Svelte replaces Core component loader with Svelte component loader so won’t work