Is it safe to use Tailwindcss with Framework7

Can we use tailwindcss in framework7? Will there be any side-effects to that?

Instead of defining my own classes I want to go to utility first approach with tailwindcss. As far as I can see the css classes from framewokr7 and tailwind doesn’t clash. So, I am thinking to use tailwindcss for the ease whenever I need to create a custom component. I saw utility classes in framework7 like padding, colors etc but I am familiar with tailwind.

I would be happy to hear from anyone that’ve used tailwind in framework7 and know whether it is safe. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@nolimits4web 1. I have been watching tailwind mobile regularly and I love it. I love svelte so I am waiting for the svelte component library. In the mean while can I use framework7 and tailwindcss. 2 . In the future If I import tailwind mobile svelte components like this import {Page,Navbar} from "tailwindmobile-svelte" Should i have to change the properties on the <Page {onPageInit}> and <Navbar {title} /> components or they will be same as current framework7-svelte components?

  1. Yes, it is absolutely safe, and Framework7’s typography classes won’t clash with Tailwind CSS

  2. When using Tailwind Mobile with Framework7, router-related components should be taken from Framework7, e.g. App, View, Page, Navbar, Toolbar. The rest of components (if there is a Tailwind Mobile alternative) can be taken from Tailwind Mobile

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Thank you !!! Yeah that makes sense. I am excited for the new possibilities!!! Keep going :partying_face: :partying_face:

I have used Tailwind CSS for over a year in my projects. The only conflict I had was with Tailwind’s block conflicting with Framework7’s block class. had to change Tailwind to “blocked”. Hopefully that is taken care of in Tailwind Mobile