Is node required for this framework?

Hi there,

So, I’m having a bit of trouble getting things to work (I’m a complete newbie with F7 and frameworks that need to be built with NPM). My previous project was done using jQM, and it’s time to move on. I liked the idea of onsenui, but it just wasn’t thorough enough. What I liked about these though, is that I didn’t need to build with npm. I could just upload HTML and JS and CSS files, tweak them as necessary, and it would be fine.

I find F7 to be a lot more complicated. I did end up using the CLI to build a starter project, and I am able to tweak that to add other pages and such. But it seems that I must always build the project before uploading to the web server. For me, this is a problem, because I’d like to have the option to tweak the code on the server, especially individual files, such as “about.html”, “app.js”, “routes.js”, etc. And tutorials seem to be pretty much non existent. :frowning:

So my question boils down to this: is it possible to build an F7 site with basic tools such as Notepad++, add the framework7.min.js and framework7.bundle.min.css, and be able to do multipage routing, without having to build using npm and package.json files and manifests and such?

If you create project with CLI choose NOT TO USE WEBPACK and you will have a project with static files to work with

Yes its very fun catching with Framework7. Just init starter project with CLI and make reference to the CSS and Javascript bundle in their respective folders and hurayyyy, you’re good to go!

Thanks for your response. I will try this out!