Is there a way to compile framework7's css to a fixed css without vars?

I find I use Chrome to do development with framework7-bundle.min.css, and very slow when I inspect one html node because of a huge variables in css.
So I want to know whether there is one way to compile one fixed (without vars) css?

I try to use postcss-css-variables to do this but fail with wrong as:
variable --f7-xxxxxxxx is undefined and used without a fallback [postcss-css-variables]

you cant do it with ‘postcss-css-variables’.
‘framework7.css’ syntax is not (fully) compatible with the plugin-requirment-syntax

‘postcss-custom-properties’ won’t work either (more restrictive)
there’s no easy way (that i know) to do it.

I tried ‘postcss-preset-env’, but no luck. Here is my settings:

module.exports = {
    plugins: [
             stage: 3, 
             features: {
                  'custom-properties': false

It seems not easy to make framework7.css to a static repersentation. I think if I want to improve my development speed on Chrome, I must fo a custom build with framework7 in my project so in order to decrease the variables before I find a better way for this. :dizzy_face: