Is this expected behavior for F7 using Tab Template?

Hello Framework Gurus,

I’ve been looking at F7 today and trying to see if it will work for rebuilding a JQM app that needs redoing. I am working with the tabs template. I wanted to try out the accordion list. I did this using the ‘About’ Page list link.

I’m not a great coder. Is the following expected behavior?

  1. Select About from Home Page
  2. Go to About Page
  3. Select the Catalog tab
  4. Select Home tab and it takes me to About Page.


no, it shouldn’t. Can you share your code

It is expected behaviour. If you navigate to About page in Home tab, then when you get to Home tab, About page will be there


Sry, my bad. thanks nolimits4web

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Thank you for your attempt to help. The navigation doesn’t make sense to me. It seems like the tab should take a user back home rather than back to about. It is like the app doesn’t refresh or something. Guess it will remain a puzzle for me.