Is this possible to increase the size of the resolution?

Is this possible using F7 V4 with React.js to resize the whole resolution bigger?
I need to make a toggle in the settings page programmatically.

Не совсем понял что вы имеете в виду.
Напишите более подробно что вы хотите реализовать

I just want to increase the size of the fonts in the whole app without getting the screen overflow
like if its 100% to increase it to 110 or 120% like in chrome… Is this possible within F7?
When I mean increase size of the fonts I mean increase everything as well respectively

You could use css:

html { zoom: 125%; }

Never tried this before, but I’m quitte sure this will cause animation lags and maybe even incorrect calculations for paddings, safe areas etc.

This is not what I meant. What I meant is that in iPhone 11 x the font sizes are so small that nobody see anything, and in iPhone 8 or Galaxy S7 they are big and comfort. I want to make some ideal so the font sizes are just fine. This should be done for each platform and version particulary.

If you want to change the font sizes, you can use the F7 CSS variables, like --f7-font-size and --f7-block-font-size:

:root {
  --f7-font-size: 18px;

Full variable reference can be found here: