[Issue] F7 cli project doesn't build for Cordova target

Currently I’m playing with the F7-Electron target and there are a couple of issues…

I created a simple F7-Electorn app, just using Electron as target (simple view, no plugins -> btw. it would be nice, if the CLI would strip iOS/Android automatically, when selecting Electron as target…)

After the project was created, I could not build for the Mac. (No modification to the project, I just ran:
npm run build-dev-cordova or npm run build-prod-cordova.

Error: Exit code: 2. Command failed: /usr/bin/perl /private/var/folders/x6/5sn6068s569bdk4qjpdch_kh0000gn/T/t-OGiiR2/1-dmgProperties.pl

It seems that the dmgProperties.pls has problems building the DMG (because MacOSX Catalina changed parts of the default Perl installation of the OS.

I stripped out the dmg build from cordova/lib/build/darwin.json and then it starts to work:

    "mac": [],
    "config": {
        "mac": {
            "type": "${BUILD_TYPE}",
            "icon": "${APP_INSTALLER_ICON}",
            "target": [
                    "target": "zip",
                    "arch": [

Ok, so the issue was on Cordova side?

I have not investigated further, but it seems there’s some problems/changes on how dmgs are created… But it’s in the sources if I create a simple F7/Electron project using framework7-cli… So it’s definitely something worth to address (just removing the offending lines would be even better than compile-time errors when trying to build the project)