Issue: interacting with navbar behind swipe-to-step sheet

Hi @nolimits4web, I’m looking to achieve a persistent swipe-to-step sheet as a bottom drawer on a page but unable to interact with the navbar (back link or typing in the search bar) on the page behind it. Please refer to the example on the About page on this link:

Is there a workaround?


I would recommend to try first opening sheet modal on pageAfterIn instead of mounted

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Thanks, @nolimits4web! I updated the sandbox. The sheet loads in and I can interact behind it as expected (thanks for the suggestion), however when I go back, the navbar persists on top of the previous page.

Seems like some weird issue. Anyway try using core API and seems to work correct F7 - visible step-sheet and navbar interaction (forked) - CodeSandbox

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Weird indeed. Thanks for the assist once again!