Issue with PHP in iOS

I have a popup which opens a PHP file. The PHP content is displayed fine when the page is opened in a desktop browser; but does not show when the popup is opened in an iOS app.

Any pointers to a fix gratefully received…

This might help you:

  1. Check for Content-Security-Policy meta tag in your index.html
  2. Check for URL whitelists in config.xml
  3. Check if there is any CORS issue.

When you are viewing in a desktop browser, are you emulating with Cordova? How are you browsing to the PHP page? (Ie are you using the in-app browser plugin?)

Adding the PHP content with this line:

<div style="position:relative;">       
<iframe id="ea" frameborder="0" height="1000" scrolling="yes" src="" width="98%" class="external" >   </iframe></div>


Solved - suggestions made led me to a solution!
The eaparse.river… is a virtual domain that seemed to be the issue. I changed it to… and it works fine now.
Thanks for pointing me in a direction for a result.