Issues with F7-Accordion and F7-Popup Components in Framework7 v8 + Vue 3

Hello everyone,

I’m experiencing some troubles with the f7-accordion and f7-popup components when using Framework7 v8 + Vue 3. Here are the specific issues I’m facing:

  1. f7-accordion: When I set the opened property to true, the accordion doesn’t expand by default as expected.
  2. f7-popup: Even after setting the arrow property to false, the popup arrow still displays. It seems like the component isn’t respecting this flag.

Here’s a link to a Codesandbox demo illustrating these problems: adoring-minsky-3dyln2 - CodeSandbox

Any help on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated!

  1. You have a wrong Accordion layout. This is correct one
  <f7-accordion-item :opened="true">
      <p>Content here</p>
  1. It is a bug, will be fixed with next update

Ah it has to be a direct child. Makes sense. Thank you for confirming :slight_smile: