Issues with keyboard on iOS

When launching the keyboard and closing it, it ruins the whole view of the app on iOS - started at the new update to the new ukwebview.

This is the behaviour:

Launching the keyboard -> the whole display goes up in order to show the input on the screen above the keyboard (good behaviour until here) -> When closing the keyboard, the screen remains constricted and the all of the part from the middle of the app to bottom stucks on white.

It can be fixed only if restarting the app.

Anyone facing these issues with iOS devices after upgrading to the new required ukwebview?

I have detected this behavior on ios from 12.0 to 13.4 working with [email protected] and [email protected]
I implemented the following workaround in Cordova’s deviceready:

   //WORKAROUND: iOS12 y iOS13.0 hasta 13.4 white space on keyboard hidden
    //Add plugins "cordova-plugin-device" "cordova-plugin-keyboard"

    var version = device.version.split(".");
    var versionOne = parseInt(version[0]);
    var versionTwo = parseInt(version[1]);

    if(versionOne == 12) {
    else if(versionOne == 13 && versionTwo < 5) {

In my case it worked correctly. I hope it helps

Thank you very much fab, this actually did solve the issue.

But I still have another issue, maybe you are familiar with it as well:

When launching an autocomplete in a full screen page and then close it, I get an extra gap in the top of the whole app. Do you know how to avoid this as well?

Thank you very much.

I have seen your post. That looks like a map rendering problem but I could not tell you

Try to reproduce in this codesandbox basic template and share it.

Hey, I have been changed the setting of theme to ‘md’ instead of ‘auto’
and that fixed that issue.

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